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welcome to Hisaabkitab
The word Hisabkitab covers entire gamut of record keeping and compliances. it is a very popular phrase within Commercial society in India.  Our endeavor  is to assist the users in updating themselves in maintaining their records and compliances as clear as possible to avoid unwarranted hardships with various outside agencies like Government authorities, customers, suppliers, financial agencies and investors.

Day by day the nature and objectives of maintaining records has been changing.  The records of any commercial organisations are required for various purposes by various users.  Records are used internally as well as by outside agencies and  perception of each one seeking these records are divergent.  Therefore knowledge of various related topics like Accounting Standards, Ratios, Time Schedule of various compliances has become an absolute necessity.  Our attempt is to put all the related topics and articles together on this web site.

In the era of electronic  data storage and data processing, tools for developing Internal controls have also undergone a sea change.  Physical interference in the internal control  process of an organisation has now become a subject matter of History.  Internal controls in the computerized systems are developed by  software experts who do not have hand on experience in the operating areas.  Therefore the Artificial Intelligence introduced in the Internal control systems through computer software and ERP  environment can suffer the drawbacks.  It is therefore necessary for the system designers to have  actual experience of manual operations.   We are trying to provide clues to the system designers through this web site to develop better internal controls also.
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